Geeky Halloween Wk5



It’s mid-October! Leaves have turned, sweaters have been pulled out, and even LA is seeing lows in the 60’s. It’s time to pay homage to a modern classic of the horror genre and the brilliant artist behind its nightmare inception.

This Week’s Theme: Alien


This movie is more than iconic. It is one of the few horror movies with the distinctions of receiving multiple awards, praise from both critics and fans, and has been selected by the Library of Congress for preservation for being “culturally, historically or aesthetically significant.” It’s science-fiction meets horror in a film that birthed a franchise. There is nothing more Geek than that.


I personally like that these movies helped to create the Strong-Woman/Kick-Ass-Mother trope. Now, I know there has been a backlash against the Ripley/Newt relationship, but hear me out. I do agree that parenthood should not immediately assign one to the emotional labor of caring for all children, especially if you are a woman. However, there are still enough of us that react in a more protective way toward children after becoming a parent ourselves that it’s not out of the range of possibility. Example: I recently watched Patrick Rothfuss, author of The Kingkiller Chronicles, replay Bioshock on Twitch. He had played the game before, he knew the story, and yet when it came time to kill a child (a “little sister”) he had to Stop Playing for a few breaths. He hadn’t played the game since becoming a father and the portrayal of the scared child got to him!


Screen capture of Patrick Rothfuss not found because Damn You Twitch!

Needless to say, he saved all of the little sisters instead of killing them, simultaneously becoming my hero. The point is, I love the vulnerability Ripley has toward Newt, and I adore the portrayal of parents becoming a bad-ass-murder-machine if you dare to mess with one of our own. It’s a much more flattering portrayal than the usual shtick of becoming boring and soulless after having kids. Also, Ripley and Newt are a quick and easy costume combo. Just saying.

Spotlight: H. R. Geiger


If you haven’t at least leafed through his art books Necronomicon and Necronomicon II you are missing out. True to its namesake, the Necronomicon is full of art infused with a special blend of madness. It’s alien, sexual, disturbing, and deeply human.


In a new-to-me twist, Geiger’s art is also partially responsible for the comicbook publisher Dark Horse being alive and well today. According to the publisher “Giger not only inspired every step of our work on Aliens over the years, but even contributed directly to our earliest success with Dark Horse’s partnership to release prints of his incredible art.” So if you’re not a fan of Giger’s art you can still thank him for helping to make your favorite Dark Horse comicbook possible.

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