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Our team specializes in cultivating each author’s unique voice with passion and enthusiasm. Award-winning editors listen to our writers, assisting them with everything from basic outlines to complete book series. We invite you to experience the thrill of a team and take the next step in being ready to find your agent!


Manuscript Assessment -Request a Quote

This is a  thorough, close-reading of your completed draft with special attention to plot and character development, pacing, conflict, continuity, style/tone, mythology production, setting/world-building and other story elements. Results are compiled in a minimum 5-page itemized letter with a summary of the most crucial points of the review. Following your review of the assessment, we’ll meet via phone to discuss the critique, brainstorm revisions and plan your next steps.


Author Coaching -Request a Quote

Individualized, comprehensive support and accountability on your schedule. Together, we will take your manuscript from any stage, to its highest potential. Includes weekly phone conferences, personalized reading, movie, and TV list.


Book/Mythology Development -Request a Quote

For writers in need of clarity with an outline and/or assistance in fleshing out a summary for an entire book or mythological backstory/world rules on a book in progress. Includes in-depth feedback on content development (plot progression, characterization, etc.) and overarching story structure. Automatically included in Author Coaching.


Line Editing -Request a Quote

Includes content correction for errors in grammar, spelling, punctuation, usage, diction, structure and continuity, as well as in-depth feedback on content development (plot progression, characterization, etc.) and overarching story structure. Requires Manuscript Assessment.


Book Proposals -Request a Quote

A book proposal is not always required when querying an agent but it is essential for non-fiction authors and those intending to self publish. Ours include: proposal overview, query letter, synopsis, author bio, recommended marketing, competition analysis, promotional plan, chapter summaries, all in industry standard formatting.


Blog to Book Program -Request a Quote

Many bloggers are surprised to discover they already have the content necessary for a book. If you have, at least 300 posts on a single topic, well executed, passionate writing, a minimum of 5,000 followers, and a professional online persona that you’ve been developing, its time to consider publishing. (not accepting technical blogs at this time)


Beta Reading

We currently staff 2 and their fee is $100 a book for manuscripts up to 100k words. They provide a review that is at least 3 pages long and guarantee a review on Amazon when the book is published. Their feedback differs from a manuscript analysis in how it focuses exclusively on the experience of your intended reader. They weigh your eccentricities as a writer, and give you an opinion on which ones are making your book come alive versus the ones that you should ditch because they’re clunky or obstructive. And the best part is, they do it in a way that makes you feel hopeful and excited that you’re nearly done!



When you just need an industry professional, but only for an hour. This is best for completed query letters, synopsis, outlines, existing proposal analysis, review of your first 10 pages, writers block and more. It starts at $60 an hour and includes 15 minutes of phone time with 24 hour notice. Prepaid packages are available at 4, 8, and 12, hour increments for $45 an hour and include up to 3+ hours of phone consultation with only 4 hours notice.