Client Reviews


Tony Litster – Elite Business Coach, Marketing Director Litster-Frost, Personal Development Author
Jennie is a genius when it comes to writing – She not only can tell you what isn’t working, she can tell you how to make it come to life for your reader. So often people give us ridiculous pats on the back and tell us our work is nice. I work with Jennie on every writing project because she will tell me the truth. It’s hard to hear sometimes, but I know she is making me look good in the long run. Honesty plus the ability to fix it. Two scarce resources I rarely find in one person! My goal is to hire her full time so someone else doesn’t snatch her up. If you’re lucky enough to work with her, you better be able to handle the truth and you better get ready to create something amazing. I would never release a book to the public without Jennie making it shine first.


A. E. Blackwell – Author of Urban Fantasy and Content Editor
It is very rare to meet an editor with Jennie’s skill for story craft. She will push the story and the writer in ways that will surprise and challenge both. She sees the story as a whole and is still artfully aware of how the smallest changes can transform the entire picture. All of this is done with a masterful ease that is rigorously loyal to the voice of the writer. You will be amazed at the changes to your work and still know that it is your voice, your characters, and your story. She is a writers best friend.


Jill Eggleston – Writer of Poetry, Short Stories, Steampunk and Fantasy 
Jennie has worked on several of my story creations, I have to say for the amount and quality of work this insanely creative lady puts into making my ideas come to life the true way I had envisioned it, I couldn’t ask for a better deal! Worth every penny! Jennie has continuously shown me the best side of my stories and continues to astonish me with the depth and creativity of concept she provides. I have never had to worry about having a guiding hand through the whole process from talking about my idea, to the completion of being able to publish, Jennie is a steadfast companion through it all, I couldn’t have done it without her guidance! Right now I am thrilled to be on Jennie’s waiting list again to begin the journey of my newest adventure! I refuse to publish without her!!!


Katy Skinner – Writer of Middle Grade, Religious Fiction

I asked Jennie to read my first, reworked and completed novel and she was fantastic!  I actually asked several people to read through the novel and to let me know what worked in the novel and what needed to be changed.  I got maybe one or two comments from each reader.  Jennie, however, called me on the phone and we talked for over an hour!  Just about my book!  I filled an entire notebook with her thoughts and suggestions. Her excitement for my novel fed me and her insight into the plot, characters, and themes were invaluable!  Her observations were spot-on.  Throughout my writing, I had thought, “If I just had someone I could bounce ideas off of or talk to about how to develop this theme or help me decide if I should change the plot here. . .”  Jennie turned out to be just that person!  She really knows her stuff.


Brianne Earhart – Author of the Moldara Series, Young Adult Fantasy Fiction

Where do I begin to explain the genius behind the name- Jennie Komp?  How about starting with her ability to read a manuscript and see what’s not there.  She has a gift of opening up a plot, a character, a scene and take it to the highest potential it could be, bringing out the best in a story as well as in an author’s creative abilities.  She does this by asking you, the writer, all the “hard” questions that some time we authors over look because we are so “in” our own stories.  She helps you get crystal clear on who your characters are, where their journey is taking them, and how to get them there.  She has a gift of seeing beyond what is into a realm of possibilities working with the author to find what is best for the story. Jennie is AMAZING with the written word, hands down!  She had pushed my writing skills with her mentoring and editing to a level I never thought possible. She truly is the secret weapon to any great story!  I wouldn’t dream of writing a book without her and her gift with story telling!