Angry Birds


Orphan loner bird is exiled by their community unit he gains the friends and skills necessary to save said community, after which, having proven that he deserves love, he’s finally accepted.

When a movie is based on a game, specifically a simple game App, I don’t expect shakespeare. But the message of this one was disturbing. Sure, its a kids movie and there is some great physical comedy. I’m all for fun for its own sake. But do we really need another story above earning love and acceptance? Oh, and you’ll have to save your entire species to earn it by the way.

I get it, it’s called “Angry Birds” not enlightened birds, but every story is an opportunity. It’s time and focus and in the end, a voice. I think I would have liked a mock epic where the oppressed birds finally rise up against their pig overlords to take back their future, using their anger productively and not just as a gimmick. Kids are smart. And when they are treated accordingly in their entertainment they become intelligent, discerning adults. Throw in a hefty dose of humor and they even know how to keep from taking themselves too seriously.

Suicide Squad Review


#SuicideSquad was so much fun! Was it also a train wreck story wise? Yes, but I’ve never had so much fun watching a train wreck!*

I could drive semi trucks through the plot holes.
But I loved the music choices.
The characters had cliffs you had to magically scale instead of a cohesive arch.
But it was always visually interesting.
The big bad was too big.
But it was a good/main “bad guy”
The relationships were an exercise in multiple personality roulette.
But I wanted to care.

I laughed, I cheered, and in the end it kept me guessing. It was most of what I want to FEEL when I watch a comic book movie so… I liked it. And it definitely beats all their stuff since “the reboot”.

So I consider it a great reminder that my first obligation as a storyteller is to entertain, that’s level one, that’s popcorn art, and it has a valuable place. Everything I can do for my story after that gives it longevity, deeper impact, or even alters how someone sees the world and provides priceless value. But if I never entertain them, they may never taste the full scope of my story.

In short, if a spoon full of sugar can make the dumb worthwhile, it can also make what is vital accessible.

*I had no previous knowledge of the characters or their backstories than what was provided by the trailers and previews.

(First time viewing, saw it in a theater in the first month of it’s release)



Its said that J. K. Rowling made us all readers again but Stephanie Meyer made us all writers.  Only problem is, just because a person can write doesn’t mean they can tell a story. This goes for TV, Books, Movies, any medium really that communicates an event. In my profession as an editor/writer I see all kinds of stories being peddled for consumption. But existence doesn’t denote quality. So, like old-timey miners, we have to pan for gold.

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One Night in Sixes


Debut author raises the bar with her first series!

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This is cowboy poetry meets literary art set in a western mystic world. Read this one with a highlighter handy because the author’s deft turn of phrases will have you shaking your head in awe. The characters are beyond real; they are weathered, road weary and fighting for their place in a world that’s trying to chew them up and spit them out for every lucky break they get. The author engages every one of your senses in bringing to life an environment that teases the imagination with magical possibilities. This is writing, characters and world building worthy of Tolkien, Sanderson, and Jordan! I can’t wait to read the rest of the series!

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Death Becomes Us


The only book I’d give to someone afraid of facing death! So, like EVERYBODY!

THIS IS A MUST READ- You never know what to expect when a book is about death and I won’t lie, I was nervous. Thankfully I was immediately swept up by the author’s deft and un-self-aware narration of her own neurotic and often paralyzing fear of death. She was so honest and vulnerable that I not only trusted her from page one, I was willing to follow her anywhere. In short, because she was “afraid for me” she was the buffer I needed to bear witness to her journey. The level of writing is so far beyond what I would have expected to find in a Self-Published work its a testament to both the author’s skill as a storyteller and her editor’s proficiency. Seriously, I’ve read books from the “big 6” that are mere shadows of this masterpiece.

Without giving away it’s contents, here is what you can expect:
A single narrator’s (Pamela), concise and visceral journey to face death.
It’s delightfully punctuated by short stories that both bring to life and immortalize the people who’s job’s are death.
Woven between those stories are her personal acts of courage, experiences with the unexpected and the realities of doing something this big while still being a wife and mother. Her dark humor (never disrespectful or inconsiderate) is pointed squarely at her own hang-ups and idiosyncrasies and only serves to endear her to you. I rooted for her when she took risks and sat in silence with her as the worst happened.
In the end, I could see why so many people were willing to share such intimate and life altering moments with her.
Would that more of us were willing to stare down our fears with such tenacity.

This feels like its going to be the kind of book that, ten years from now, we all talk about like it was the beginning of a movement.

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