Geeky Halloween Wk3



Though some are still dealing with temperatures that break triple digits, a lot of us are starting to break out the jackets for our morning commutes. To pay respect to the creeping colder climate, I’m going to steer away from the traditionally nerdy to recognize some classic Halloween tropes.

This week’s Theme: Zombies & Werewolves & Vamps, Oh my!


Resident Evil and Underworld. These are movie franchises many geeks either love or love to hate. With the final installments of these two franchises coming out in January (Seriously? Zombies, vampires, and werewolves in January! *facepalm*) many have commented on the similarities of the movies. So while I will briefly add my voice to the choir, I will also add another film I think should be listed aside these campy-culty nerd classics.

Resident Evil

Resident Evil is the most successful movie franchise to be based on a video game ever. And for those of us who indulge a little too much in the “turn every inch of your property into a living hellscape for a month” part of the holiday, Resident Evil gave our zombies more to do than just pop out of a poorly lit grave on the front lawn.



Because Dogs don’t get enough of a bad rap


Also, we now have a template to zombify anything and put it anywhere! Zombies in a high-tech security facility? Check! Zombies on the bitter shores of Alaska? Check! Zombies in a post-apocalyptic desert? Oh my f#cking god, they’re everywhere! Plus, if you can’t deck out your place as much as you’d like, you can always play it low key and just slap an Umbrella corporate sticker on your mom’s SUV. You will get creeped out looks for nothing more than a sticker, and that’s hilarious.


Though not based on a video game, Underworld has the look and feel of a movie that is. Most battles unlock new information or areas of interest, while some montages chronical stalking up on health packs and upgrading to your epic level armor.



Excuse me while I heal


Similar to Resident Evil, the first person shooter you follow in this movie is Kick-Ass heroine that eventually has a bone to pick with the establishment. Selene is sleek, deadly, and in a world of filled with Twilight and Vampire Diaries, she is the Vampire Heroine our Halloween deserves. Add some beautiful Goth hangouts and a werewolf fight club, you can’t help but pull some Halloween inspiration from these films… even if your inspiration prefers to scoff and claim that it could do things better.



Go ahead, we’re all dying to see it.



Bonus Movie: Van Helsing

This stand-alone film features two cos-playable treats, a him and hers of costuming goodness. Though Hugh Jackman is basically a monster hunting Wolverine and Kate Beckinsale is a heavily accented Selene, there is no denying that their wardrobe is delectable.



Behold the power of embroidery


If cosplaying isn’t your thing, this movie also boasts old school vampires that turn into giant bats, werewolves that still resemble wolves at the end of the transformation, and dark caves filled with undead vampire babies. Let me reiterate, Swarms of Grotesque Vampire Babies! If someone asks if you should add a “baby monsters busting out of gnarly egg sacks” section to your haunted house, the answer should always be yes. There is a reason the demon baby trope lives.




This doesn’t get better in tiny form


Now that I’ve added my two bits to this topic, what movie do you think belongs in the Resident Evil/Underworld camp?


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