Geeky Halloween: Wk 1



In case you haven’t heard yet.

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The Halloween season is a wonderful time of year where many geeks get to show off their weird side. Though you can dust off your Iron Man suit and wear it on the 31st, diving into the traditional fandoms might not fill that itch to get into the spirit of the season. So, before you drowned yourself in pumpkin spice lattes, I have come up with weekly movie suggestions to get a little more creep into your geek.

This week’s theme: Jim Henson


Jim Henson’s work and legacy extend well beyond teaching us our ABC’s as children. His puppeteering genius helped shape practical effects as we know it. If you’re a geek, chances are that at least one favorite character or franchise has been touched by this man. The last full-length feature film he did was Labyrinth. As this is the 30th Anniversary of its theatrical release, I think it is the perfect movie to kick off your Geeky Halloween season.



To this day, the scene where baby Toby is kidnaped by goblins makes kids crawl under their covers and hide. And as any good sibling/aunt/mother should, I laugh maniacally and tell them to keep watching. Soon enough they are naming their stuffed bears Ludo and creating imaginary monster friends of their own to play with. This alone should win it a permanent viewing slot during the Halloween season, but Labyrinth is filled with a dark whimsy that is able to fuel imaginations well into adulthood. Just check out The Labyrinth of Jareth Masquerade Ball.


Yes, this is a real thing, and it is just as good as it looks. For anyone who thinks that Sara should have stayed in that magical Labyrinth, this is your once a year opportunity to do just that. True, this event takes place in August which puts it a little outside of our Halloween them, but one step inside and I doubt you’ll care what time of year it is. It is a fantasy filled gala hopped up on stimulants and glitter. Speaking of which…


David Bowie. David F*cking Bowie! Snarky and Sexy, cruel and alluring, powerful but oh-so-cute when he begs. As the Goblin King, he is a one-man version of shag/marry/kill. And though he is the technically villain, most of the people I know wanted to be him by the end of the movie.


The 30th Anniversary Blu-ray comes out September 20th. Watch it, re-watch it, share it with future generations. Keep wishing for the Goblin King to come and take you away. He’s bound to answer eventually.

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