Angry Birds


Orphan loner bird is exiled by their community unit he gains the friends and skills necessary to save said community, after which, having proven that he deserves love, he’s finally accepted.

When a movie is based on a game, specifically a simple game App, I don’t expect shakespeare. But the message of this one was disturbing. Sure, its a kids movie and there is some great physical comedy. I’m all for fun for its own sake. But do we really need another story above earning love and acceptance? Oh, and you’ll have to save your entire species to earn it by the way.

I get it, it’s called “Angry Birds” not enlightened birds, but every story is an opportunity. It’s time and focus and in the end, a voice. I think I would have liked a mock epic where the oppressed birds finally rise up against their pig overlords to take back their future, using their anger productively and not just as a gimmick. Kids are smart. And when they are treated accordingly in their entertainment they become intelligent, discerning adults. Throw in a hefty dose of humor and they even know how to keep from taking themselves too seriously.

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