Suicide Squad Review


#SuicideSquad was so much fun! Was it also a train wreck story wise? Yes, but I’ve never had so much fun watching a train wreck!*

I could drive semi trucks through the plot holes.
But I loved the music choices.
The characters had cliffs you had to magically scale instead of a cohesive arch.
But it was always visually interesting.
The big bad was too big.
But it was a good/main “bad guy”
The relationships were an exercise in multiple personality roulette.
But I wanted to care.

I laughed, I cheered, and in the end it kept me guessing. It was most of what I want to FEEL when I watch a comic book movie so… I liked it. And it definitely beats all their stuff since “the reboot”.

So I consider it a great reminder that my first obligation as a storyteller is to entertain, that’s level one, that’s popcorn art, and it has a valuable place. Everything I can do for my story after that gives it longevity, deeper impact, or even alters how someone sees the world and provides priceless value. But if I never entertain them, they may never taste the full scope of my story.

In short, if a spoon full of sugar can make the dumb worthwhile, it can also make what is vital accessible.

*I had no previous knowledge of the characters or their backstories than what was provided by the trailers and previews.

(First time viewing, saw it in a theater in the first month of it’s release)

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