Death Becomes Us


The only book I’d give to someone afraid of facing death! So, like EVERYBODY!

THIS IS A MUST READ- You never know what to expect when a book is about death and I won’t lie, I was nervous. Thankfully I was immediately swept up by the author’s deft and un-self-aware narration of her own neurotic and often paralyzing fear of death. She was so honest and vulnerable that I not only trusted her from page one, I was willing to follow her anywhere. In short, because she was “afraid for me” she was the buffer I needed to bear witness to her journey. The level of writing is so far beyond what I would have expected to find in a Self-Published work its a testament to both the author’s skill as a storyteller and her editor’s proficiency. Seriously, I’ve read books from the “big 6” that are mere shadows of this masterpiece.

Without giving away it’s contents, here is what you can expect:
A single narrator’s (Pamela), concise and visceral journey to face death.
It’s delightfully punctuated by short stories that both bring to life and immortalize the people who’s job’s are death.
Woven between those stories are her personal acts of courage, experiences with the unexpected and the realities of doing something this big while still being a wife and mother. Her dark humor (never disrespectful or inconsiderate) is pointed squarely at her own hang-ups and idiosyncrasies and only serves to endear her to you. I rooted for her when she took risks and sat in silence with her as the worst happened.
In the end, I could see why so many people were willing to share such intimate and life altering moments with her.
Would that more of us were willing to stare down our fears with such tenacity.

This feels like its going to be the kind of book that, ten years from now, we all talk about like it was the beginning of a movement.

Get your copy at

I can’t wait to see what she writes next!
Check out her blog The Death Writer to read other stories that have been shared with her.
And follow her on Twitter @pamelaskjolsvik


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